Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My ugly little tree...

Hey Y'all. Yesterday, I set up my little Christmas tree. It's not very big, and I put way too many lights on it, but I like it. We haven't set up our big tree yet, but that's ok because its still a few weeks till Christmas, right?

*Looks at calender*

*starts to hyperventilate*

Ack! I need to go Christmas shopping! I have no presents to give! Yeah, so back to my tree, have a picture;

That thingy on top is a fairy, not an angel


  1. LOL
    What a cute tree! It reminds me of the Charlie Brown tree! It's special!
    Thanks for posting Lizzy!

    Now. Take a deep breath....and let it out slowly. Repeat several times.

    Do not hyperventilate! I repeat! Do not hyperventilate!
    It's going to be ok Lizzy! Rememeber to pace your self.
    Don't turn into Scrooge or else you will be visited by the Three Christmas ghosts who will look strangely like me! >:)

  2. That's unique Liz!
    Ha deadly!
    Fair play of ya! XD