Monday, January 24, 2011

My new bed...

Hey Kallista, here is my new bed, the desk isn't finished yet

Pop-pop made this entire thing!


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!

    That's an EPICLY AWESOME BED!!!! It has it's own BOOKSHELF!!!! And a desk area!!!!
    LOL Your dad is SO AMAZING!!!! What talent!

    I saw SP on the self! Good girl! :)

    You are so lucky! You deserve it! :D

    Thanks for sharing Lizzy!

  2. ok Lizzy just saying i have the EXACT same Skulduggery Pleasant books as you have! like the same cove and paper back and hard cover and stuff :)...that is unless the third book is hard cover hard to tell from the pic but still AWESOME bed!

  3. Damn that's an AWESOME bed!


    yeah, my bed is boring compared 2 urs (and many others).... hav 2 get more mario mushrooms....

    oh, Lizzy, can u add me az a writr on bio-rama?
    plz? promise i'll b good(ish)!

  4. hey Lizzy!


    can i put u in my fanfic?


  5. LOL wow, i didn't know people actually read this thing other then Kallista. I don't post on this blog though, all my work is here: