Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yay! pictures!

You lot better appreciate this pics, it took a lot to get them on here. First i had to find the damn things, then i had to see if the scanner was working (it wasn't) so then i went and nicked my brothers camera and I then dropped the camera, so after i fixed the camera i had to find a spot that had enough light and then FINALLY i took the pictures, and then i uploaded them and that was probably the longest sentence in the history of blogging, do i get a prize? Yeah, fine i'll show you the stupid pics now

This is Anarchy Rose in full kick @$$ mode.

This is Mea from the Blind Ravens story line.

Random drawing of Bridget that i did at 1:30 AM. i really like how her expression turned out.

A self portrait of me, laying on top of a wall in the summer time, completely random, i know.

And for more randomness, please enjoy this picture of my cat sitting in my mum's sink :P

Lovely pic of the sunset by my house


  1. AWESOME!!!!! Love the attitude and expressions on both Bridget and Anarchy! XD
    two of my most favorite oc's!!!!!!!

    Love the picture of Mea! And alos the on of you on the wall. A perfect way to spend a lazy summer's day.
    Ah! If only it could be summer again!

    Your funny and cute!!!!! LOL
    I love it!

    Beautiful picture of the sunset! So clear and perfect.
    Thanks for sharing Lizzy!

  2. Yay! thanks for the praise, but my cat is not cute, she is an evil and viscous killer who brings me mice with there heads chewed off :P

  3. Awwwwwwww......cute wittle kitty!!!!!
    Don't you know Lizzy that they are proud of thier deed?
    It is thier love gift to you! LOL
    My cat does the same. I just let my mom take care of those love gifts!